My finds, pre-cleaning, below.
Is it a nicor gas thermostat rebate clip on battery pack for a flashlight?Re: rrpg Big Dig Weekend, Finds!Shocking weather for digging but looks like some good stuff.Day 1 - usaaf airbase dump.Steve T, jayH, dangermouse 381st, gremlin, steve Newman.Before I give it the vinegar treatment thought I would see if anyone could tell me what it actually is?Steve., 08:04 PM #6 Re: rrpg Big Dig Weekend, Finds!Look forward to seeing everything., 08:21 PM #8 Re: rrpg Big Dig Weekend, Finds!A great turn out from the rrpg members with the following people there.
Good stuff Steve, Not sure where to start with this lot Attachment 338815., 08:10 PM #7 Re: rrpg Big Dig Weekend, Finds!
Jerry Wright, whitehunter, luckystrike, cellsavers discount code salzburg, paul B, a great day, if a little wet.
2 days 3 sites, very very wet but didn't stop the diggers.Looking forward to the rest of the hoard.The finds made there were also superb!Heres a few pictures from Saturdays hunt, Attachment 338733, attachment 338734, welsh personalised baby gifts attachment 338735, attachment 338732., 07:19 PM #2.Looks like you all made plenty of finds, cant wait to see them cleaned up Last edited by spotter; at 08:50., 08:47 PM #10 Re: rrpg Big Dig Weekend, Finds!Cleaned up the bit I didnt recognise at the time.