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(I wrapped tape around one end of the cuddly animal farm voucher yarn to make it easy to thread through the holes in the stocking a shoe lace might be a good substitute.).
Other sample themes for Monito-Monita: Something short, something long, something funny, something round.
Peeling these small stickers is challenging for tiny hands and provides a great fine motor workout.
I cut the green strips so that each one was 1/2 longer than the previous one.I also have lots of other (non-Montessori) Christmas ideas.Then roll the dice, count the dots, and mark off that number of snowmen with the red gems.I provided some glue as well as tissue paper squares.Find the Letter S for Santa I am currently working with my kids on their letters.After quitting law school, I moved to Vietnam to be with my first love teaching English!
I make a Letter to Santa box where students can drop their letters anytime they want till deadline.
Unlike office parties, Monito/Monita in the classroom doesnt have to be lavish or expensive.Christmas Gift Size Sorting This activity comes straight out of my Christmas Printable Pack.A lot of the activities I plan are inspired by the Montessori method.The idea is to roll the dice, count the dots on the dice, and then mark off that number of Santas with the green gems.When I showed this activity to QBoy he had a very difficult time remembering to keep the thread in his right hand.I included a length of yarn as well.