In a 1991 study sponsored by ppai, less than half of the participating businesses had given corporate gifts.
Offer up product or contribute toward a special prize such as the latest hot smartphone, to get attention for your business.
Comparatively, the letters that included a free gift in the actual mailing didnt receive a single response.
Get your customers to sign up for updates by offering exclusive discounts, early access or other incentives.The British Promotional Merchandise Association (bpma) has conducted several surveys and done research that provides evidence that there is a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and an improvement in brand recognition and increase in sales.Most participants ( 87 ) kept a promotional item for longer than a year!No matter what industry youre in, its a good idea to incorporate a business gift into your marketing strategy.Add targeted punch by advertising in the vicinity of conventions or events that attract your target audience.In one case study, a letter that offered a promotional gift as an incentive for referrals was 500 more likely to receive a response than a simple letter asking for referrals.Radio personalities like to set up shop at local businesses that are hosting events or other special promotions from time to time.Many podcasters would be thrilled to have a sponsor.
Make sure to follow any local zoning rules and then add a well-lit and visible sign that advertises your business favorably.
Youll likely receive signage or otherwise get your business in front of participants.Offer a discount to get more customers to discover your business and visit.Some newspapers offer advertorial options that allow businesses to sponsor written content to educate about a solution.Or give every satisfied customer a few of your cards (with or without a discount code) so they can hand them out to neighbors and friends.Business gifts take advantage of perhaps the most powerful word in the English language: free.Use Human Billboards To call attention to your business from the street corner, hire a human billboard or a sign spinner service such as AArrow Sign Spinners.Raise brand awareness, one of the best ways to get your name out there is to do it quite literally; a promotional gift with your companys logo and name is a great way to raise awareness about your business.Create Refer-a-Friend Promotions If you send regular bills to customers, include a small flyer or card offering a bonus to those who refer new customers.