"Its no secret that snacks and video games have always gone together, and this is a great chance for people to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch and a great game.".
Now, the contest actually began back on May 27th and will last for 43 days.
There are 24 hours in a day.
Just start eating potato chips and you might end up with a new game, or a new game system!No personal sales, affiliate links, or begging.As they are giving away consoles at a rate of once an hour, that means a total of 1,032 Switch consoles and games will be given away.The Frito-Lays Nintendo Switch giveaway runs only for.S.Macfield and the Island of Memories Released Released Chasm Released Released Joggernauts Released Released The Swindle - AMA Released Released Child of Light Released Released Boom Ball: Boost Edition Released Released Madorica Real Estate Released Released Tricky Towers Released Released Feral Fury Released Released Iris.Should one of the codes you enter provide you a winning message, you will receive an E-mail giving you instructions on how to proceed.You remember, its the one your mom used to buy in order to help her nab smart reward saver review pack your lunch for school every day.They are carried at most retails stores for a suggested price.60-8.99.It is of course possible that someone buys the bag and doesnt enter the code, but it is a hefty chance to take if you really want to win a Nintendo Switch.The contest is for US residents only.Can't get your hands on the elusive new console?
For the third, and each subsequent code entered, you will receive the 1 initial play and 2 bonus plays.
Once you register for the contest, you will be able to enter up to three codes every day.
No excessive self-promotion or unverified AMAs Upcoming Releases Title NA EU Super Mario Party Released Released Guacamelee Released Released Bombing Busters Released Released Mark of the Ninja Released Released Goosebumps The Game Released Released Disgaea 1 Complete Released Released Shift Happens Released Released The Missing.Entering a code doesnt give you a chance to win at the end of the contest, but instead tells you right away if you are a winner.PO Box 760010, dept.In order to enter, youll need to find one of those big variety packs of Frito-Lay chips.Lets Play Heroes Oct 30 Nov 2 Gal Metal Oct 30 Nov 2 Full List on Games Wiki Official Nintendo Games Page Related Subreddits r/3DS 388,490 subscribers r/wiiu 350,691 subscribers Cookies help us deliver our Services.Now, of course there is a small catch.Press J to jump to the feed.Create Post Disclaimer We are a fan-run community, not an official Nintendo forum.