Anon originally meant at once, but the terms meaning evolved into soon apparently just because the word was misused over time.
Distressed cry : yowl.Takes to the station house : arrests.Enola Gay was the name of the mother of pilot Col.Number for the weight-conscious?Advertisement ad_below_googlies Complete List of Clues/Answers Across._ Bo : TAE Tae Bo isnt an ancient martial art, even though it perhaps sounds like one.Thornfield Hall governess : eyre.Introduced by Alan Cumming Masterpiece Contemporary introduced by Matthew Goode, and then David Tennant.
Investments with fixed rates, for short : CDS A certificate of deposit (CD) is like a less-flexible and higher-paying savings account.
Keep going in Yahtzee : RE-roll The dice game of Yahtzee was introduced in 1956 and is a variant of earlier dice games, especially the game Yacht (which even has a similar name).Wiig and ODowd were great together, I thought.Contradictory word : wasnt 126.Investments with fixed rates, for short : CDS.Mauna _ : KEA.Since Tolkiens use of orcs, they have also been featured in other fantasy gifts for male pensioners fiction and in fantasy games.The first nato Secretary General was Lord Ismay, Winston Churchills chief military assistant during wwii.