Remember Ameramark is uss iowa museum gift shop not responsible for damage done to the blimp because of mishandling or disney planes racer gift set misuse.
Try to inflate it when the temperature is higher so the helium is expanded. .
Do not use close to heating objects or flames.
Can be seen up to 3 miles away.Pinholes can be detected by slowly moving your palm just over the inflatable surface to detect any area where air is escaping.Allow glue to become tacky before attaching patch to sphere.In order to expand the life of your blimp you may want to take a couple of precautions: HOW TO, obtain helium, helium is the same gas used for the party latex balloons.Cold air balloons are available as a hot air shape balloons, inflatable gorillas, inflatable custom designs, inflatable products or inflatable logos.When a hole or tear is found, place a piece of transparent tape over it and proceed looking for others.During the day the blimp may look more inflated or less inflated because of these temperature changes.To off the filling sleeve with the light cord through it with masking tape.Do not Leave the inflatable unattended.An assistant at this point would be helpful.What ARE THE safety guidelines FOR helium spheres.
To maintain the inflatable in a more permanent position, 2 or 3 tether lines may be attached to the harness ring spaced equal distance when anchored to the fixed object on the ground.HOW TO deflatelium sphere If you need to deflate bon marche discount codes 2012 the sphere, the fastest way to do it is using a vacuum cleaner. .When repairing small holes or rips, be careful not to get any glue on the inside of the sphere or you may glue one side of the sphere to the other.To prevent damage to the inflatable it should be taken down immediately when wind or other weather conditions become strong.Make sure the tether line does not come into contact with any sharp objects, as this may result in the tether line being severed and the helium product escaping.

Use a piece of cardboard to smooth out the glue so it does not form any lumps that may cause a leak Cover the hole from the inside with transparent tape or a piece of paper to extend at least inch on all sides.
Advertising Blimps are easy to take care of and store.