homemade prize ribbons

Push it in more anastasia free gift and its smaller, pull it out and it becomes larger.
Start by folding your crepe streamer.
Silk flowers or felt shapes and stickers would also be great alternatives.Add glue at the back of the yellow circle and press it on to the rosette.If you want to cover up the back, cut a second shape to match your base shape.Unlock VIP Printables - Become a Member.What cooler way to show that than to award a person a award ribbon.Glue your coordinating paper or shape here.If you are planning a graduation celebration for your graduate, be sure to check out our graduation party invitations!Start folding the sheet of paper (the strip) making accordion folds all the way till the end.
Get your glue gun ready and your base circle.
If you would like to turn your award into a shirt pin, simply glue the pin back to the back of the award.
If you don't have Fray Check, you can just singe your edges with a match.Derby bricklink gift card Centerpieces you might need 3 thornton studio promo code strips of paper.Celebrating their accomplishment of completing the school year will keep them feeling excited about school and all the wonderful things that they learn there.this post contains affiliate links we all love recognition, some more than others, but there is no arguing that its great.Cut your ribbon to your desired length in proportion to your circle.Time to make one!

Start by folding a sheet of paper in half (along the longer side).
Attach these pieces together using a low temp hot glue gun.
You can hand cut it or cut any other shape.