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1 KA6ROM-1 0 0!Everything had been thought of to make our stay comfortable.The batteries are charged with a tiny solar panel.1 WD6EZC-5 192 0!It will ask you for your callsign.Shasta Operated by The Patio Radio System SNS:K6JE-3 SNS skunk:K7WWA-6 mara North Coast Packet System 145.050 Keyboard Node Serving Mendocino County from 3300' on Laughlin Ridge (Willits) minute to win it graphics Courtesy of K7WWA STH:W6CO-3 storey:KD6JUG-2 KD6JUG Packet Switch, Mark Twain, Storey.,.
1 WH6IO-7 0 0!Hi Tom, My name is Bob and I'm a friend of Varmint Al (Al kelly moore free sample coupon Harral) and he sent me your message requesting some information on getting your license again.1 W7TA-4 121 free tackle giveaway 0!1 K6TUO-5 192 8!1 W6JEX-5 192 17!Submitted Jun 23, 2018.Get it while you can.The TNC will think that a connect request with your Callsign and any ssid is trying to connect to your KaNode.

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