why do i never win anything

Keep trying and Good luck!
Gain inspiration and encouragement from other compers who are winning.
No entry means no chance of winning.
From our own experience the biggest reasons why people don't win is that they don't enter the competition correctly!If you're wondering whether you're not winning anything because you're doing something wrong.Think about the timeframe of winning a giveaway looks something like this: The sweepstakes you're entering has to come to an end before anything can happen at all (the exception is instant sweepstakes, which give you a chance of finding out that you have won.Local newspaper and radio competitions also attract low entry levels.If you're doing that then the rest comes down to luck!Make sure you've entered the competition correctly and that you've followed the rules.For me, its about quality of comps entered I enter fewer comps but spend more time on finding them.This means that even if you submit an entry that ends up winning on your very first day of entering sweepstakes, it can take weeks or months before you find out that you are going to receive a prize.
Not checking winning notifications, entering the wrong details is a basic error os make sure your email address is correct when filling in forms.
So try to keep the frustration at bay and focus on the fun parts of entering, and you'll find that you really can be a winner after all!
Stick with it, and focus on the fun of entering, the friendly sweepstakes community, and the excitement of thinking about what you could win, and the prizes will follow.In the end there are many ways of winning in life that are far better than winning by luck of the draw.Competitions Guide, comping FAQ.Are You Entering the Right Sweepstakes?Are you a new comper struggling to win, or stuck in a dry spell?If you love books, World Book Day and Toppsta (kids) have loads of easy prize draws to enter see my post on competitions for bookworms Cut down on the sharing.